Friday, November 8, 2013

Fenway Park

That's me in front of the green monster.
As I write this it has been exactly 1 week since the Boston Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2013 World Series. If you know anything about me, you might know that I am a huge Cardinals fan. It may seem a little strange for me to be doing a post about Fenway Park a mere week after watching my team lose the championship to the one that calls Fenway "home". I admit it still stings a little bit but lucky for me that the Red Sox, the team that beat my first favorite, just so happen to be my second favorite.

I had the opportunity to visit Fenway Park in 2011. As a lover of baseball and vintage/historical places, it was quite the experience to take in a ball game in this legendary place that opened in 1912. It's very easy to tell that Fenway was not built with the same objectives as new stadiums. Everything seems smaller than new places like Busch Stadium III. It seemed as if there are strange nooks, crannies, odd little halls, and walk ways everywhere I turned. I have heard quite a few people say they dislike it very much but I couldn't get enough of it. It has so much character that could only be acquired with age. It's hard for me to understand how anyone could dislike such a neat place that was once home to Ted Williams, Jimmie Foxx, Carl Yastrzemski, and even Babe Ruth. I arrived as a baseball fan, but thanks to the soul of Fenway Park, I left a definite Red Sox fan.

Excuse the terrible pictures, all I had was my old iPhone.

Neat looking church in Cambridge.
I had to get a Lobster Roll while I was there. Luckily this place was within walking distance from our hotel in Cambridge.

It was pretty darn good but it wasn't cheap. This meal cost more than most dinners I ever have when I go out to eat.

Thats the back of the video board in center field. This is Landsdowne St. looking west toward Brookline Ave. and the outside of the green monster.

Having a beer in the bleacher bar under the bleachers of Fenway. It's a really cool bar. That gate meets up with the playing field.

I love how they use vintage looking signs and fonts. 
The Green Monster!

If those seats aren't vintage, I don't know what is.

Just a neat old building in Boston.

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