Friday, November 15, 2013

Sunday in South City

One Sunday, a couple weeks ago, I was in St. Louis hanging out with my friend Kyrsten. My buddy Tom called and asked if I wanted to go get lunch. We were pretty hungry so we told Tom to meet us at Kyrstens place. Tom pulled up in his '53 Dodge Meadowbrook.
Good ol' Tom in his custom Dodge.
 We all hopped in the Dodge and made our way to City Diner at 3139 S Grand Blvd, St Louis, MO. It is a great place with pretty good food. It has a 50's diner theme without being hokey or over the top. As soon as you walk through the 2 large stainless doors you might notice the chrome sputnik chandelier hanging near the entrance. The booths and chairs are all covered with metalflake "zodiac" material and the tables are topped with boomerang laminate.
City Diner

Great sign!

I love the sputnik fixture but the floating metalflake pieces fill in the space quite well.

Cool diner looks serving great diner food.

After we filled our bellys at City Diner we jumped in the ol' Dodge and dropped Kyrsten off since she had to go to work. The next stop for Tom and I was The Record Exchange located at 5320 Hampton Ave, St Louis, MO. I had never been here before so I wasn't sure what to expect. We pulled in the small parking lot and snapped a couple pics. As we walked up to the building, that was once a library, I was totally blown away. I had no idea the record store was housed in such a mid century modern gem. I was in total awe as we walked through the doors and caught a glimpse of the vast amount of vinyl. I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. Tom and I walked around admiring the space and the huge collection of records. I tried my best to look through the many sections of vinyl. I found a great copy of The Beach Boys "Little Deuce Coupe". I was pleasantly surprised by the prices. We made our way to the dollar bin which has to be one of the best deals in the city. I snatched a couple albums from there. The dollar bin was essentially a giant selection of the best albums you'd ever find at a thrift store. It's like some hero went through and took out all of those thrift store regulars such as Engelbert Humperdinck and Barbra Steisand so you don't have to be bothered by them. That hero might possibly be owner Jean Haffner who was sorting albums and manning the register. As he rang up my 3 finds, he told me that the place is for sale because he needs a larger location to accommodate his vast inventory. There's no telling when that move will actually happen but you can be sure I will be back as long as the doors are still open and The Record Exchange is still in St. Louis.
The Porsche was probably a little faster than the flat 6 could push Tom's car.

 To get a little more info on The Record Exchange you can check out Toby Weiss' B.E.L.T. blog.

Albums on albums on albums.

Can't believe this huge place is too small. If you can't find an old album here, it might not exist.

Time to head home.

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