Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vintage Motorcycle Parking Only

St. Louis beer and an American pastime. Can you guess what I am talking about? You are so smart! You knew I was referring to Schlafly beer and motorcycling, didn't you? Okay, the title and lead photo probably gave it away. If it wasn't for that you may have thought I was talking about one particular brewery that's proud of its clydesdales (and rightfully so), and a certain St. Louis sports team that's represented by a little red bird. Well folks, there is more to this city than that. Keep on reading and I'll tell you about Vintage Bike Night St. Louis!

You can find Schlafly Bottleworks nestled into a great spot right off of Manchester Rd. in Maplewood, MO. It is a fairly sizable building as far as restaurants go, because the dining portion is just an added bonus to the brewing that goes on here. This just so happens to be the scene for Kick-It Vintage's monthly bike night. Through out the summer, on the first Monday of the month, you can find hundreds of vintage motorcycle enthusiasts hanging out and sipping on what might arguably be the new "king" of Stl brews. Okay, maybe only the very proud locals would call it that, but it's definitely a much loved bevo in the area. You won't find any A-B products here, no sir! You can most definitely get some very good beer that was made on location, and some tasty food if you are hungry. I am more of a whiskey guy myself, but I recommend the Schlafly Pale Ale and the Pumpkin Ale. Enough of about the beverages, lets get to the bikes.

As I mentioned above, this was the place to be on the first Monday of month from March through November. The turn out of vintage bikes was always good. I saw different, unusual, and fantastic bikes every time I was able to make it. I am fairly new to the motorcycle hobby and I didn't realize how healthy the vintage bike scene is around here. The cool thing about Kick-It Vintage Bike Night is that there is always a good representation of vintage cycles across the board. People ride in on everything; dirty knucklehead choppers, sleek Yamaha cafes, stock Beemers, restored scooters, british race bikes and everything in between. The parking lot gets packed pretty full with vintage motorcycles. They always show up no matter if the skies are cloudy and the wind is putting a strong chill in the air, or if it's a humid ninety-eight and your shoes feel like they are about to melt. You can bet there will be plenty of antiquated machines rolling in. There is even a smaller section roped off for the folks who bring their not-so-old bikes.

It is so exciting to see people coming and going, all evening, on bikes that most of them work on their self. It's even great to see the same bikes each month because quite a few of them are works in progress and you are able to witness them progress over the summer. I can't say as to what Kick-It Vintage has planned for 2014's VBN but you can keep up by joining the facebook group and liking the page. Heck they even have a full blown website! I sure as hell hope to see it back next year, and if it is I hope to meet some new people and gawk at more vintage bikes. If you're in the area, you better not miss it.



  1. Nice post. I love our vintage bike night. Get that ugly space ship BMW out of there though!

    1. Thanks Tom! Keep bringing the space bike! Better yet, find yourself a cafe project......EVEN BETTER YET find a panhead chopper project or get that BSA from your work friend!