Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Creative Customs Chop Shop Annual Christmas Party 2013

Looking over the three carbs of Bill's "bug eyed Sprite" to his yellow Studebaker.

Most Friday nights you will probably find "Wild" Bill Bierman in one of two places. 1.A hotel parking lot drinking beer with his pals so he can pilot one of his gnarly, high powered, drag cars down the strip the next day, or 2. Spending time with is wife and two daughters. Let's be real here, this is the mid-west and there isn't exactly much racing going on in December. Once a year Bill throws a Christmas party at his north St. Louis auto body and custom shop, Creative Customs Chop Shop.

A good indication of the type of event this is can be had when you first find out that it is billed as the "XXX-mas party". It's safe to say that it's a little more wild than your neighbors credit union employee brunch. The party has come a long way since I first showed up sometime around five to seven years ago. No longer does the bathroom house a separate room full of dirty magazines, adult entertainment video tapes, and a Sponge Bob Square Pants T.V. (with built in VCR). Nowadays you'll find a nicely finished collision shop complete with TWO restrooms. Bill and his crew have even turned some storage space into a pretty cool little kitchen. If you aren't too distracted by the many amazing custom cars sitting around, you might notice plenty of cool signs, art, and auto memorabilia adorning the walls.

Bierman's Christmas party is equal parts open house, crazy shenanigans, and charity event. You see, every year he collects non-perishable food items for local charities. This year attendees could gain access to the party and lots of free barbecue by donating a few canned goods and five dollars, or a straight ten dollar donation. All of the food was donated to St. Vincent De Paul food pantry to help feed the less fortunate. The cash donations, collected by Bill's daughter Bethany, were donated to St. Jude's Hospital in the name of Clare Blase.

As far as I am concerned this is a must attend for any car guy in the greater St. Louis area. No matter how many times I go, It will always be thrilling to hear Bill fire up his blown Henry J in the cold St. Louis night. You can find Joey's coverage of the December 6th party over at The Jalopy Journal.
Brian Fox's "King Chassis" sign glowing over Bill's "Pink Freak" custom.
Bill's "T-Bag" and "Pink Freak"
The "Pink Freak"
Vintage Bicycle
I believe Bill said this is from an old float in the famous Soulard Mardi-Gras Parade
Tom won a bucket of goodies in the raffle!
Bills current personal project.

Drivers side front fender of Bill's "Suicide King" race car
Bill Bierman himself! Always having a good time!
Tom and Joey being Mississippi pirates in Bill's boat
Adam, Aaron, and Jason pose with much excitement
Doesn't everyone have a dragster hanging from the ceiling?
Joey tries on one of Bill's brain buckets
No big deal, just eating our free barbecue next to a giant engine and a vintage pinball machine

Vintage sled hanging out in the corner
Boaring Joey
Bill's recently finished Willys. If you are interested this bad boy might be for sale. Photo by Joey


  1. I'm googling chop shop stuff about stl and I found your site! :)

    1. That's funny, Chelsea. Why were you googling chop shops?