Friday, January 31, 2014

Shots from the Road

I've been doing a lot of traveling lately, which although often tiring, offers an excellent opportunity to take in some local scenery of the midwest. While en route back to Missouri a few weeks ago, I decided that I owed it to myself to make a stop in Pontiac, Ill. The postcard-esque signs from the freeway boasted a historic downtown area, and I had time to kill. 

I slowly rolled into town, making sure to scope out any signs of strong photo opportunities. As you can clearly see, Pontiac is home to a few original pieces of midcentury signage.

My favorite example was Sam's Sewing & Cleaning. Although the sign wasn't anything spectacular, the ceramic tile facade of the building itself stopped me in my tracks. A hastily-scrawled sign in the window reported that they had moved locations, so the future of this unique building is unknown. 

Sam's Sewing & Cleaning 

Notice the elaborate tiles. Some may argue to restore the building, but I'm really a big fan of the patina. 

J.E. Brady, Neon. 

Similar to the last, this time a more sports-oriented motif. 
Last week, I made the trip to Blackwater, Mo. A town of 199 citizens, there isn't really much going on. I did manage to take a few pictures of this great decaying service station. It's built in a southwestern style, which made stand out in Mid-Missouri.

Blackwater, Mo. 

No gas here. 

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