Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A look back at Detroit Autorama 2006-2012

The Detroit Autorama is one car show that I have always tried to attend. Some of the best custom cars of all time have been on display there. Most have probably taken home trophies, the big one being the Ridler Award. The 2014 Detroit Autorama will inhabit Cobo Center in less than a month. Unfortunately I have to miss a third year in a row, but I thought it would be cool to show you some of the pictures I took from when I did go. I didn't go in 2010 so I don't have any pictures from that year. I didn't go in 2012 either, but I sent a disposable camera along with my friends. As you might already know, Joey is a Michigan native so he has probably been to Autorama many more times than I have. I hear that he will be there again this March so hopefully he can give us some coverage. Enough talk, check out my pictures from Detroit Autorama: '06, '07, '08, '09, '11, and '12.

We'll go in chronological order.


Emperor's club display.

Jr's "Mr. Yuk" Model A Ford coupe.

Fritz's Roswell Rod

Roth's Surfite

Roth's Mysterion

Roth's Beatnik Bandit

Aaron Grote's "Lunar Lander" in the foreground.

Chip Foose's aircraft themed roadster.

Dave "Littleman" Lohr's car on the left. You might remember him from the television show "Hard Shine".

The blue '32 on the left was my car.


The Cockroach

I loved this bike. Before I knew I would ever have a BSA of my own.

Scary Larry's roadster.

The "Cockroach" roadster was the car my dad and I showed that year.

Buick Nailhead engine in a 50's or 60's Buick concept car.

Our rig outside of the Red Wing's home, Joe Louis Arena. Go Blue!

They guy could have easily beat us all up. No, we didn't write Timmy Little Weasel.

We raided Zenor's (left) hotels room. Me on the right.

Dices amazing custom Ford coupe. You'll see a picture of the finished car further down in this post


Dustin Cooper pinstriping his car. Aaron Grote's "Atomic Punk" in the foreground.

Another awesome build from Clark Bates.

I believe this was Scary Larry's.

Dice's nearly perfect custom in finished form.

I think this interior is from Denise "Hotrodladycruiser"s Oldsmobile.

Dan Webb

Dustin, Tara, Tom, and Aaron.

Kopper Kart

1932 Ford Roadster built by Jr at Bad Donkee hot rods.


Aaron's Atomic Punk

Tom poses in front of the Frank Zappa display.

Dustin's hot rod pick-up truck.


Roth's Orbitron

Beautiful Triumph built by Atom Bomb Custom Motorcycles

Darryl Starbird's "Predicta"


The basement

Dustin's Chrysler behind his buddy Paul's dragster. Photo credit goes to Dustin on this one.

These are from the disposable camera that I sent with Tom, Dustin, and Tara.

Dustin's Dodge truck.

Tom and his weeny.

Mini bikes.

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