Friday, February 7, 2014

Atomic Age Alchemy visits MoModerne

After leaving Blues City Deli, Nick and I set our sights on a white and blue ceramic storefront somewhere in St. Louis. With seven cantilevered awnings, large windowpanes and a wide range of zoological foliage, the building itself was worth the price of admission. But luckily for us, our trip to MoModerne had just begun.

MoModerne, St. Louis
MoModerne, located at 8631 Watson Rd., caters to a variety of mid-century enthusiasts. From record players to end tables, they carry items from the ‘30s to ‘70s in their repurposed flower shop. Upon walking through the double doors, it quickly became apparent that MoModerne’s products were strategically selected. Some may resent this, but I believe it gives the store a streamlined feel. As Nick examined some floor lamps, I was drawn to a stereo camera. These stereo cameras were early attempts at three-dimensional imaging, and having viewed some exposures myself, I give them exceptional marks. Stumbling across one in such great condition was tempting, but I decided to leave it to the next buyer.

At MoModerne, items are placed in one of two large showrooms. Rather than rambling on, check out the pictures of the great selection. And if you have any questions, make sure to stop by the store or visit their website at 

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