Friday, March 21, 2014

The Simple Joys of the Atomic Age

Atomic Age Alchemy is for everyone. Whether you’re dropping a serious chunk of change on a mid-century modern home or simply rummaging around an antique store, the possibilities are limitless.

And sometimes, it doesn’t cost you a cent.

A year or two ago, my mom picked up a 50-ish year-old chair at a garage sale right down the street from our Michigan home. It had absolutely no markings anywhere, and the cushions were covered in a ribbed, fuzzy fabric. Best of all (sic), it was yellow.


Still before.

She bought it nonetheless. Originally, she planned on refurbishing it to sell. But like many things, other projects got in the way and it was simply placed in the corner of her bedroom.

Over the years, I took interest in the chair. I had seen ones with similar frames in my travels — but I never could identify mine. Regardless, my mom and I made a deal that we would get it reupholstered upon my graduation from the University of Missouri. Pretty good deal, right?

Two weeks ago, I went home to cover the Detroit Autorama. In the moments before I left for the airport, the topic of the chair surfaced.

After an exchange of ideas, we finally asked what was hiding beneath that ugly yellow fabric.

My heart began to race as I pulled a pair of shears out of the dresser drawer. With the precision of a surgeon, I clipped a dime-size hole in the back corner of the base pillow and peered inside.

Was it stained? Rotten?

Nope. It was perfect.

Check it out. 

Dig the pattern.

Amazing what a change of color can do.

Kimber approves. 

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