Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Repurposing Vintage Television Sets

A few years ago I was obsessively searching craigslist and going to estate sales to find cool vintage furniture. I have slowed down on that since my house is pretty much at capacity with mid-century furniture. Back then, I did find a couple awesome vintage t.v.'s.

The first one I found was a 1950's tv that I got for free at an Estate sale. It sat in the corner forever because it wasn't really that cool looking so I didn't know what to do with it. When I got two kittens, Kate and Godzilla, I thought it would be cool to gut it and turn it into a little bed/playhouse for them. So, that's what I did! It was quite a bit more difficult than I thought. I had to do some cutting and drilling, which I didn't anticipate. I bought some lumber, and my buddy donated some carpet scraps from his floor store. I added four vintage mid-century spindle legs that were on a broken end table that I also got for free at an estate sale. It took me five nights and about $20 but I think my cats really liked it. For a while, they slept in it all of the time.

The second tv console I found was discovered on Craigslist. Normally I wouldn't have bought something like this but It was really cheap, in great condition, and only five minutes from my house. This one is a full media console complete with speakers, radio, and record player. I have some cool plans for this one. I am going to take the t.v. tube out and build some shelves for my dvd player, stereo receiver, and cable box. I'm also going to replace the old record player with my vintage Phillips GA-312 turntable. While retaining the original speaker grills/covers, I will replace the speakers with some Bose bookshelf speakers I have laying around. I might put a piece of tinted glass where the original glass is at to try and hide the audio/video components. I plan on hanging a flat screen tv on the wall above it. Hopefully it will look mostly original.

This last t.v. console I want to talk about is one that my dad recently picked up. The cool thing about this one is that he has already refinished the entire thing and built an adjustable shelving system where the t.v. tube originally was. My folks already have a decent t.v. stand so this one is for sale. He did a fantastic job re-doing it. If you are interested in buying it you can reach me at

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