Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Little House With Big Mid-Century Style

A couple of years ago I looked at a house that was for sale near where I was living. I was thinking about buying a house but I wasn't quite ready at the time. Regardless, the tiny pictures on the realtor's website of this particular home were such a tease that I had to go check it out.

If I remember correctly, the house was finished right around 1955. I was told the original owners had some input with the design and layout of the house when they had it built. I believe they lived there for the rest of their lives. Almost everything in the home was original. It was very apparent that the husband and wife who built this house were very proud of it and kept it in tip top shape. I apologize for the low quality pictures. At the time, my only camera was courtesy of my iPhone 3gs. Even though the pictures aren't great, I still wanted to share this neat little house with the world. I hope whoever bought it appreciates how cool it is.

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