Thursday, April 3, 2014

Viko Baumritter and Treehouse at The Heavy Anchor

Photo by Adrian O. Walker

The Heavy Anchor, in the Bevo Mill neighborhood of St. Louis, Mo, is a place I try to visit any time I can find an excuse to do so. The reason being, it's a great bar on Gravois Ave. with some bitchin' mid-century furniture. 

The Heavy Anchor

Clock in front of Johns Appliances

My excuse on Wednesday March 19th was for a networking meet-up called Treehouse St. Louis. The event series was created by Wesley Hoffman with the purpose of positively connecting people for social and business purposes. Wesley does a fantastic job of introducing himself and new people, but what I dig is how contagious his mood is. The place was buzzing with a positive vibe that obviously originated from the founder himself. This get together was only the second one for Treehouse, but it is already drawing a good amount of talented, interesting, and forward thinking individuals. 

Photo by Adrian O. Walker

Photo by Adrian O. Walker

I had the pleasure of meeting some great folks at the first two events. One of them is a talented photographer named Adrian O. Walker. He was kind enough to shoot some pictures for me of the mid-century furniture inside the bar. Once I was able to stop ogling the seating, and after I twisted Adrian's arm to take some photos for me, I grabbed myself a beer and a couple FREE Strange Donuts. I find it a little overwhelming to talk to so many new people so first I caught up with a few people I met at the February event. I knew I was there to broaden my network, so I finally got around to making some new aquantances. Everyone at these events seem so great. I am already pumped for next months meet-up. 

Viko Baumritter chair
Photo by Adrian O. Walker

I forgot to have Adrian take a picture of this cool bench so you'll have to deal with my crappy iPhone picture

If you would like to learn more about Treehouse St. Louis, Adrian O. Walker, The Heavy Anchor, or Strange Donuts, check out the links below.

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