Friday, May 9, 2014

Vintage Bike Night — Cinco de Mayo

I have a big desk calendar on my bar in my apartment. As activities come and go, they get written down and crossed off. Depending on the extent of my pre-planning, these show up anywhere from an hour to a month in advance. So the second Nick and I devised a plan to go to Vintage Bike Night for Cinco de Mayo, I ran to the calendar and scribbled “Vintage Bike Night, 6 p.m.”

You see, this wasn’t just any ordinary VBN for the AAA crew. Because this time, both Nick and I were slated to have fully functioning vintage motorcycles.

And one month later, I found my foot resting on the kickstarter of my CL125. Two blips of the throttle and one swift movement brought the little engine to life. Six feet in front of me, Paul Stroker cranked the ignition on his freshly-rebuilt Harley chopper, now equipped with a springer front end and cackling fishtail exhaust tips. The roar quickly drowned out the sound of my ‘70s thumper.

To our left, Nick and Tom Wescott fired their Cold War-era BMWs. With airheads churning, Harley roaring and Honda humming, we started our two-mile ride to Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood.

The late-spring greenery blurred by as we cruised towards the event, almost as if the world stood still as we cut our way through.

To the casual observers refueling at the Phillips station, our group must have looked like four motorcyclists cut from different eras and catapulted into 2014. With period helmets and bikes, I suppose their observations weren’t too far fetched.

As we pulled into the “Vintage Parking” section, everything clicked. Friends, motorcycles, photos and food. If this isn’t living, then I don’t know what is.

So take off your skid-lid, grab a drink and take a walk around VBN with your pals at AAA.

Photos by both Nick and I. 

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