Friday, June 27, 2014

Cooler Drinks Prevail

Well look at that, it's summertime! We have reached that time of year when it is starting to get pretty hot here in the mid-west. There are plenty of reasons to enjoy a cold beverage outside, but ya gotta keep those drinks chilled some how. Ever think of using a vintage cooler?  I found these two, at a couple of different estate sales, in the dead of winter. The cost of mid century modern furniture seems to be at or above retail prices at the sales these days, but I picked up these bad boys for less than a cheap plastic cooler would set me back at the local general store. I was lucky enough to spot both of them in the basements of which they have lived for who knows how long.

The J.C. Higgins cooler is on the smaller side but it can still hold at least an 18 pack. The outer shell is made of steel so it is a bit heavier, but it's not too hefty, due to it's small stature. Despite the minor paint scuffs and surface rust, it is in great shape. It really doesn't look like it had been used much, if at all.

Now, onto the aluminum Thermaster by Poloron. This thing is nearly immaculate. When I spotted this one under a table, I couldn't believe how nice it was considering it wasn't in the original box. I would be amazed if this was used more than one time. The details on this thing are as "atomic age" as a cooler can get. Check out all of the details. As much as I love the beads rolled into the textured aluminum, the pattern on the inside is what really sets it apart.

Ive gathered some pictures of some neat coolers, as wel. Even if you can't find an authentic vintage cooler at a yard sale or flea market, you can always get one of these new ones with the retro look. The fellow in this perfect '40 Ford at the Hot Rod Reunion did just that and painted it to match his car. It looked right at home hanging out in the trunk of the coupe.

Another awesome way to keep your canned cocktails chilled is to convert a vintage Maytag washing machine into a beverage bin. My friends Dustin and Tara did this and it turned out really well.

Last summer, when we took our trip to the Meltdown Drags last summer, we used Joey and Andrew's 1960's Coleman cooler. It served us well. Unfortunately neither of us thought to get a decent picture of it.

That's about all we've got today. Cheers!

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