Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2014 HAMB Drags

 For a guy who loves '50s and '60s styled hot rods, it is hard to skip an event as special as The H.A.M.B. Drags. Members of The Jalopy Journal forum meet up every August to hang out, talk cars, and race era-correct dragsters and traditional hot rods. I didn't exactly plan on going this year but Joey made it so convenient, by picking me up along the way and letting me crash in his hotel room, I just couldn't say no.

I'm lucky to be smack dab in the middle of Joey's route from Michigan to the Drags. On Friday, he pulled in my drive way and we headed south to Joplin. We rolled in hotel parking lot about 8 p.m. to find it already packed with a great selection of H.A.M.B. approved machines. We quickly made our rounds and tried to catch up with all of our old friends.

Saturday, August 16, we high tailed it to Mo-Kan Dragway to take in as much racing and car stuff as possible. This event always shows old time drag racing at its finest with everything from a Dragmaster styled dragster, built exactly the same as you would have seen in the early 60's, to a nasty little model A coupe that was driven from Nebraska (on racing slicks) which ran 12.17 seconds in the quarter mile. There is almost too much for your senses to handle; loud cackling motors, burning rubber in the air, and wicked race cars every which way you look. Bill Bierman and the rest of the Stl guys were kind enough to let us make their pit area our home for the day.

The day of racing was almost complete but a rain storm forced the awesome crew at Mo-Kan to work a little faster to get in as many more races as possible before the weather hit. We were of the last few to leave the track and we did so right as the rain started coming down. We found a great place to eat called Saw Mill Barbecue. We even found some cool atomic age signs around Joplin. As always, there was some light night parking lot jabber which is one of the best things about any out-of-town hot rod gathering. Sunday morning I threw my things in my bag and rode home with "Taco", who never stopped smiling after driving Bierman's bug eyed Sprite down the strip. Joey headed his own way so he could get back to college. I'd say it was a damn fine trip. I tried my best to cut back on the 500+ pictures that I took so feel free to browse through the ones below.

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