Monday, September 22, 2014

Pull the Trigger

Sometimes you just have to pull the trigger. Yesterday was one of those days.

Ever since selling my CB750, I’ve been searching for another bike to run alongside my brother’s Triumph Daytona and possibly jam around the state on. After a great deal of research, I knew the Honda 450 was the perfect combination of power and classic styling. Though there isn’t usually room to be picky, I’ve always wanted an orange one.

As I sat in the Journalism school yesterday jabbing at my homework, I took a much needed (sic) Cragislist break. In my usual browsing, a CB450 surfaced. It was a 1974 with 5,550 miles that had been sitting since 1991 — two years before I was born. The price was shockingly good, and the bike was indeed titled. I made some calls. I crunched some numbers. I looked at my stack of schoolwork. Then I discovered it wasn’t going to happen.

I returned to my work and realized if there was a time to act, it was now. After scraping together the funds and fueling up the truck, I made my way to Excelsior Springs, Missouri. The deal was struck and the orange CB was mine.

I’ll have much more on the bike later as I start working on it, but for now I’m stoked that I finally have my CB450.

Here are some shots I took on the way home at the West Central Electrical Cooperative — a dead nuts midcentury setup. 

The amber bike
                        in the golden hour. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Vintage Bike Night September 2014

Another Kick-It Vintage: Vintage Bike Night has come and gone at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood, Mo. This months meet-up at the brewpub was pushed back a week to avoid Labor Day. That worked out perfect for me because it gave me a chance to take the '79 BMW over to Tom's for some tuning.

Tom was a huge help to get some issues resolved on my new(ish) R80. He taught me how to adjust the valves, we set the points, and adjusted the timing. After that, Tom fiddled around with a screwdriver and the two adjustment screws on each carburetor. The airhead was running like a sewing machine by the time I cruised away from Tom's new play house in Randolph County.

Monday finally made it's way to the calendar and It was SO cool to make the 40 mile ride to bike night without having to worry about the Beamer revving like crazy at stop lights. I arrived at Schlafly to find another amazing turn out. I am sure the crowd was due, in part, to the clear skies and "jacket weather", which are both very conducive to getting the kick stand up.

As always, I enjoyed seeing my pals just as much as the machines. The ride home was great, especially when a fellow on a little scooter, and another on a spot-on Triumph, rode next to me for a little bit on I-44. I really wish I would have had my camera out as they buzzed along side me. Making for a stunning background behind them was a moon as full as it could be, and the Compton Hill Water, lit up like a candle. Oh well, as Joey reminded me, at least I got to see it with my own eyes!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Another Stroll Through The Green Shag Market

Any trip to The Green Shag Market is a trip worth sharing. My mom and sister had been interested in paying a visit to The Green Shag for a long time now. My girlfriend and I met up with my family one Friday afternoon and we all got to peruse the eclectic, and always changing, array of cool stuff in this St. Louis antique mall.