Friday, October 31, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemonade, Write About It!

There are times in our lives when everything seems to be going wrong and we just can't catch a break. I don't think I am alone in saying that it's easy to realize when we are having one of these bouts of bad luck. You know how it goes, a couple less than desirable things happen, and all of a sudden we find ourselves counting the mishaps and all of our misfortune as they keep piling up. It seems a bit tougher to take notice when the opposite happens. It can be difficult to become aware of great things happening when we are so busy enjoying them. This may sound a little strange but sometimes I get so caught up in the small moments, I don't have time to realize how great life can be and how fortunate I am.

Well, that is pretty much how the last two weeks have been for me. Things were going so great that I was having too much fun to appreciate it in a more lucid way. That is, until I sat down to write this post and organize my pictures. After seeing all the photos I snapped, I saw how freaking awesome life has been lately. Keep on reading and you'll see what I mean.

*Oh just a little side note* Let me point out that the majority of my recent happiness has come from family, friends, and relationships, but or the sake of staying on topic I'll mostly be covering the materialistic things.

Last Thursday I saw that an old friend from high school was getting rid of some tools in a yard sale so I dropped by. He gave me an awesome deal on a bunch of cool stuff. I got some tools that I needed, some that I just wanted, a stack of 50's and 60's cook books, a giant Seagrams whiskey bottle (not pictured), and best of all an orange metalflake Arthur Fulmer AF 20 helmet. The coolest part of the helmet is that it's the first old helmet I bought that actually fits me. I might send it off to have relined.


The next day I worked for a few hours and headed off to St. Louis to run some errands and go to a trivia night with my lady and our friends. First I had to stop at J Gravity Strings in the Kosciusko neighborhood. My friend Mat works there and he let me borrow a microphone for my Halloween costume. I had never been here before but I quickly found out that this place is amazing and the building holds a ton of history! From what I gather, the place was built in 1870 and served as a dry good store called Barnholtz. I plan on talking to Mat about it some more.

My next stop was one of my favorite places in all of St. Louis. Blues City Deli! I grabbed a couple sandwiches for Meg and I, and we went to Clifton Heights Park to eat them. The weather was incredible so we walked over there and chilled next to the pond to eat while the geese begged us for food.

After that we headed to Avalon Exchange on Delmar to look for Halloween costume stuff. I also wanted to check out this killer Wilsons Leather motorcycle jacket that Avalon posted on their Instagram that same day. That was a trip that was totally worth it because the jacket fit perfect and was a great price, not to mention I found a nearly brand new American Apparel denim jacket that also fit like a glove. To top it all off, Meg found most of her Halloween costume while we were there.

On our way to Avalon we passed the Hi-Pointe Theatre on McCausland and the giant Amoco sign on Skinker

We spent the rest of the evening at a super fun trivia night benefiting the Freedom Arts & Education Center. The trivia questions were all about St. Louis so it really tested our knowledge of STL. Adding another level of fun was that we all had to dress up. Our team chose a camping/hiking theme. We wore hiking gear, had treats, pizza, beer, rucksacks, flashlights, a tabletop campfire (small twigs around a candle), and we even made smores using a sterno a.k.a. "canned heat". Unfortunately I don't have any pics from trivia but on the way to trivia I found this great, retro, Ray-O-Vac flashlight at Wal Mart!

The weather was perfect all weekend so I rode my BMW to St. Louis and back and then some more around Wood River, IL. I wanted to enjoy the bike and weather before winter hits. It's funny how little I noticed all the cool mid-century buildings in Wood River until I went by them on my bike. I had to stop and take a couple pictures. Meg and I also hit up a couple thrift stores and I found this killer album rack AND The Venture's album "Knock Me Out!"

I guess that wraps up my life in the last week. There's nothing better than uttering that old saying "I'm living the dream!" and knowing that you're speaking the truth. Next time things are going your way, take a moment to step back and appreciate it.

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