Wednesday, December 10, 2014

BSA Update: Headlight Mount

After a motivational ride down Riverview Dr. in a hemi powered T-coupe, I finally dusted off the BSA and started working on it again. Friday night was the Creative Customs annual Christmas party (plenty more on that later). Seeing all of Bill's ridiculous race cars and talking to all of my car buddies got me really excited to work on the Beeza again.

I went out to the garage to work on it Saturday night but it turns out that I spent the entire time cleaning because the place was a mess. Sunday evening rolled around and I was able to work in a nice and clean garage. I made an adjustable headlight mount for the old Porsche fog light that I'll be using to illuminate the road ahead. I fabricated the mount out of a piece of angle and some flat stock. My three main concerns were to make it adjustable, mount it at an aesthetically pleasing height in conjunction with the springer, and to make the mount mostly hidden. I think I accompolished all of those. I still have a bit of cleaning up to do on it but it's 99% done.

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