Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Vintage Shops of St. Louis pt. 1: The Vintage Haberdashery

This post is part of a series featuring some of our favorite St. Louis area vintage stores. Follow along as we show you the best of what St. Louis has to offer in the way of mid-century shopping. We will be doing these posts all year long. They will be in no particular order but we can assure you that if you see it here it is worth checking out!

Clothes, clothes, clothes, and plenty of them! I honestly can't believe how long it has taken me to stop by The Vintage Haberdashery on Morgan Ford. I guess I always knew it was there but I had never heard anybody talking about it, and I DON"T KNOW WHY! If you are on the hunt for vintage clothing in St. Louis, Missouri, this is definitely one of the first places I would send you.

Before Christmas I had to do a little last minute shopping. I mean, show me a dude who doesn't do some last minute gift shopping and I'll show you a dude who doesn't "believe" in gift giving. Anyway, I found myself on Morgan Ford Rd. buying some tea for my one-and-only. When I approached The Vintage Haberdashery I noticed that it was open. I couldn't pass it up because I realized one of my potential gifts might be right inside. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of men's clothes that they had. It wasn't nearly as big of a selection as the women's, but that is to be expected. They even have half of the store dedicated to costume and clothing rental. That is very good to know for the next time I need to put together a fun costume (if you know me, that doesn't happen nearly enough). I was lucky enough to find one of the gifts I was out shopping for, some earrings for my gal. While browsing, I found a couple of coats that looked like my size so I tried them on for fun. It seems one of them fit so good that Ashley, the lovely lady working the store, took my money in exchange for the jacket.

Some joints have really neat old clothes but when you pull it off the rack you find a big tear or 6 missing buttons. Some times you find the baddest sport coat that you have ever seen and could totally picture Rod Serling wearing it in The Twilight Zone, only to find that it's way overpriced. Not here, NO no! The cool thing about The Vintage Haberdashery is that not only did all of their vintage clothing seem to be in crazy-good shape, but it was priced very reasonably as well. Ashley informed me that Jolie, the owner, has been in this business for somewhere around 32 years, occupying this location for approximately six. I'm tellin' ya, if you want nice clothing of a different era in Stl, try this place. You won't be sorry.

The Vintage Haberdashery
3181 Morgan Ford Road
St. Louis, MO 63116
(314) 772-1927
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  1. I simply adore going to this shop! It's been too long! Great post and photos! ^__^