Friday, June 5, 2015

BIG Moves at Atomic Age Alchemy!

Hey friends! Just wanted to take a moment to tell you why you haven't heard from us in quite a while. Both of us here at "A-cubed" have been very busy! In fact, we have been so busy doing fun stuff, we haven't had any time to tell you about it!

The big reason why we have been so caught up in life is that Joey and I (Nick) have both moved! Stay tuned and we will fill you in on all of the fun details. For now, we will just get you up to speed with the basics. I finally gathered up my massive amount of mid-century furniture and moved it into a big apartment in south city St. Louis.

Joey made an even bigger change by packing up and driving out to California. He graduated college and headed straight to San Francisco to start his new job at The Rodders Journal!

The both of us are doing just about as well as two twenty-somethings can. Some may say we are "living the dream", and we wouldn't disagree. Check back next week for closer look at what we've been up to. Until then, keep the rubber on the road!

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